Our Roastery
We hand roast our own speciality grade coffee. Our importer meets directly with the coffee farmers, samples hundreds of seasonal coffees, and then we at neighbourhood select our favourites and import them directly for you to enjoy. First, using sample batch roasts we develop what we call a roast profile specific to each individual coffee on our made-to-order Giesen small batch coffee roaster. This process ensures that we bring out the intricate and subtle flavours of each coffee for you to enjoy!
Our Café
neighbourhood opened its doors in early 2017, after time spent seeped in the coffee culture of New Zealand awoke our senses to the incomparable taste and flavour of small batch hand roasted specialty coffee. Returning home full of beans, desire and gusto meant we were all in from the beginning!
From an early ‘nameless’ start, we found our flow and poured our energy into crafting uncompromisingly good coffee. We pushed the envelope, roasting into the small hours, cupping, experimenting, testing and tasting until we fully maximise flavour and hit those sweet spot coffee notes that only the best quality coffee can lay bare.  Ours, is a journey, and we are dedicated to delivering the best quality coffee in the cup time and time again, whether you are at home or in our café located on Barrack Street, Carlow.  Our speciality coffee and brewing equipment can also be bought in-store.